Toyo Thai-USA Nears Completion of Acclaimed Carbon Capture Plant Capitol SkyMine

Skyonic’s Capitol SkyMine® Will Convert CO2 into Baking Soda, HCl, Sellable Products

Lakewood, Colorado-based Toyo Thai-USA Corporation (TTUS) announced that the internationally-acclaimed carbon capture and utilization plant the company is building in Texas has reached its final construction phase. TTUS is building the plant for Austin, Texas-based Skyonic Corporation at the Capitol Aggregates Inc. cement company in San Antonio, Texas. The plant is estimated to be around 85 percent complete.

Capitol SkyMine

“The opening ceremony for Capitol SkyMine® is scheduled for October 21, with the plant set to begin operations soon after,” said Toyo Thai-USA vice president, Tim Bozic. “The technology utilized by this plant has become even more critical to industry in light of the EPA’s recently proposed rules to cut emissions of carbon dioxide, a gas linked to climate change, by an average of 30 percent over 2012 levels by 2030.” Bozic said that technology of the type employed by SkyMine® will become increasingly important in the U.S. and globally as governments and industry take steps to mitigate the causes of climate change.

SkyMine® will capture the CO2 being emitted by the plant, about 300,000 tons a year, and convert it into baking soda, hydrochloric acid, bleach and other products that can be profitably sold for industrial, commercial and agricultural use. Purchasers of the company’s industrial byproducts have already been secured, leading Skyonic’s founder and CEO, Joe Jones, to assert that SkyMine® will be profitable in its first quarter of operations.

Jones noted that national and international attention was ramping up and that SkyMine® technology was garnering intense interest from China, the Middle East, South Africa and elsewhere.

“Toyo-Thai’s experience in the international energy market, coupled with our pending successful completion the inaugural SkyMine® plant, means that TTUS is well situated to partner with Skyonic Corporation and other environmentally-oriented companies,” said Toyo-Thai Corporation President and CEO, Hironobu Iriya. “We recognized the huge potential and importance of this technology from the start, and, consequently, Toyo-Thai Corporation was an early investor in Skyonic.”

Other investors include ConocoPhillips, BP, Northwater Capital and PVS chemicals. The project also received a $28 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy.

“Toyo-Thai’s engineering experience and willingness to work creatively with a start-up company stood out for us in selecting an EPC provider,”said Skyonic’s Joe Jones. “This decision has proven to be a good one for Skyonic and our partners and investors as we head down the home stretch towards the official opening of SkyMine® on October 21. As we get to final commissioning and turnover, we are all looking forward to a successful completion of the project.”

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