Mr. Hironobu Iriya – President, Toyo Thai-USA
Mr. Atsushi Saito – Secretary and Treasurer, Toyo Thai-USA
Mr. Tim Bozic – Vice-President, Toyo Thai-USA

Toyo Thai-USA - Mr. Hironobu Iriya, President

Mr. Hironobu Iriya
President, Toyo Thai-USA

Mr. Hironobu Iriya, President of Toyo Thai-USA.
Mr. Iriya has been President and CEO of Toyo-Thai Corporation Public Company Limited (TTCL) since 2005. Charismatic, personable and passionate, Mr. Iriya leads Toyo-Thai by example, proudly proclaiming his motto, “Joy of Engineering and Achievement” and single-mindedly pursuing the goal of transforming the corporation into a leading international engineering company. Recent developments indicate that Mr. Iriya is succeeding in his ambitions.

After carving out a niche in the Thai market, Mr. Iriya put ambitious growth plans in motion. In 2009 TTCL was listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET). Under Mr. Iriya’s leadership, the corporation continues to expand rapidly, both domestically and internationally, and is moving into new fields, including clean energy. To date the corporation has completed projects in seven Asian countries, Europe, the Middle East and North America. To this end, TTCL has set up subsidiaries in Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar and now the United States. Toyo Thai-USA’s first EPC construction project in the U.S., Capitol SkyMine®, a revolutionary clean energy plant that will convert greenhouse gases into baking soda and other solid products, is scheduled for completion towards the end of 2014.

Under Mr. Iriya’s leadership, the Toyo-Thai Group continues to deliver solid baseline operating results in terms of revenue, profit, free cash flow and earnings per share. A strong financial position allows TTCL to leverage strategic investment opportunities across the globe. Hironobu Iriya continues to chart a bold course for TTCL. He plans to ramp up TTUS’s presence in the United States in the months and years ahead, and is particularly interested in securing partners who share the corporation’s embrace of new environmental technologies and cutting-edge renewable energy.